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Darkest Hour - Hidden Hands of A Sadist Nation - Guitar PDF Transcription.


This is the complete GUITAR ONLY transcription of our Hidden Hands of A Sadist Nation album. Since the transcription was composed by ourselves we can tell you, its about 99% accurate! Once you complete your purchase you will receive an email with a download link to the Guitar PDF transcription. This transcription includes all the guitars for every song on Hidden Hands ... transcribed in basic tab. Unlike our other books this is NOT a guitar pro-digital book, but never fear, the riffs are still there in all their glory!

Track List:

1. The Sadist Nation
2. Pay Phones and Pills
3. Oklahoma
4. Marching to the Killing Rhythm
5. The Misinformation Age
6. Seven Day Lie
7. Accessible Losses
8. The Patriot Virus
9. Veritas, Aequitas