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Darkest Hour - Party Scars and Prison Bars (LIVE) - Undoing Ruin Anniversary Tour (VIDEO DOWNLOAD)


This is Darkest Hour's first - official / unofficial - DVD - Video Recorded Concert.

Recorded and Filmed at The Black Cat in Washington, DC while on tour for our 20th Anniversary Undoing Ruin tour.

This is the Live set taken from our DVD that was only available to participants of our crowd fund campaign but, it ended up coming out so good that we figured we just had to share it with you. This video would not be possible with out the love and support of our friends how help make it and those who pre-ordered our Godless Prophets ... record.

This set list includes guest appearances by some of our old members (noted by the song name).

After purchase you will receive an immediate download code / link to a zip file of the show in MP4 video formate.

Download, crank it up, circle pit and enjoy!

Set list:

With A Thousand Words to Say but One
This Will Outlive Us
Sound the Surrender
District Divided
These Fevered Times


Devolution of the Flesh
An Epitaph (Featuring Mike "Goodtimes Garrity")
For the Soul of the Savior (Featuring Fred Ziomek)
Doomsayer (Feature Kris Norris)
Rapture In Exile
Sadisti Nation (Featuring John Hunt & Timothy Java)

Make sure you have VLC media player installed on your Mac or PC. Download it for free at http://videolan.org

For Mac users: https://www.videolan.org/vlc/download-macosx.html
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